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to make the case for u.s. involvement,. this comes as libyan rebels resume their offensive. they advanced 350 miles this weekend and retook two key oil towns. military missions are mostly completed according to u.s. officials. >> we prevented the large-scale slaughter that was beginning to take place and has taken place in some places. >> on one hand they say it's humanitarian and on the other they say gaddafi must go. >> defense secretary gates and secretary of state clinton will be brief congress on the u.s. mission in libya and the cost. the president will speak tonight at 7:00 -- 7:30 on abc 7 news. >>> monday. the crisis at the crippled nuclear power plant may be getting worse. japanese officials say highly radioactive iodine is seeping from the facility. contaminated sea water is being found farther from the plant. they are pumping hundreds of tons of radioactive water. now the plant operators are apologizing for overstating radio -- radiation levels inside the reactors. >>> 32 years ago today the u.s. suffered its worst nuclear crisis, three mile island nuclear plant in pennsylvani
values. he argued last night that the u.s.-led coalition helped to avert a massacre that would have "stained the contents of the world." the alliance against gaddafi has made significant gains. rebels have recaptured nearly all the ground they lost and are closing in on the home town of gaddafi. the president emphasized that these gains have come at a relatively low-cost. the u.s. has not gone into this along. so the progress has come without u.s. ground troops and with a full transfer of power to nato tomorrow. the president stopped short of supporting a forceful removal of adopted, which has become a point of contention with republicans. >> now we are fighting on the side of the anti-gaddafi rebels. we are paving the way for them. we should acknowledge that. >> the president has found himself all along caught between those saying that he has not done enough and those that have said he has done too much. hillary clinton is in london today with international leaders to explore other options such as financial. >>> the situation at the crippled japanese nuclear power plant is being de
that they will not recommend that. >>> a gunman opened fire on u.s. troops have at the airport in frankfurt, germany. two endive and two others wounded. >> a man from kosovo is in custody. president obama dollars to get justice. emily schmidt has more on this. >> good morning. we are still waiting to learn the names of those two killed in yesterday's attack. a military says they were about to be deployed to help oversee -- for support in an overseas mission. the attack happened just outside the international terminal in frankfurt. a dozen enforce security personnel had arrived on their way to the u.s. base in germany. law enforcement says the alleged gunman walked up to their bus, began arguing, pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and shouted the arabic words for "to god is great." two air and were dead and two others wounded. the emigre and the the man while outcontinued to shell ou "jihad." we are told he is a devout muslim. his relatives in kosovo cannot imagine this happened. they say that americans are their brothers. president obama made an unexpected appearance today the white house press briefing
the 2007 shooting rampage. the u.s. education department announced yesterday that its finding the school $55,000. that is the maximum amount allowed. university officials say they acted appropriately and plan to appeal. >>> today marks the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting on south capitol street when nine people were shot. four were killed. march 30, 2010. candelight prayer vigil will be held tonight. the event is being billed as a call to action. it will begin at 6:30 at brandywine and south capitol street, se. >>> we have new developments overnight in the crisis in libya. moammar gaddafi's troops pushed back rebel fighters in two town. international leaders are weighing their options and considering whether to arm the rebels. pamela brown is tracking the latest developments from the satellite center. >> good morning. the tide is turning once again in parts of libya. rebels are retreating from gaddafi's hometown of sirte after his loyal forces pounded them with tanks and rockets. this setback spurs more debate on whether to arm the rebels. it is an option president obama and ot
the government-controlled capital of tripoli. the u.s. insists that gaddafi is not a target. president obama says military action is based solely on enforcing the u.n. resolution. president obama expects fully that the u.s. will continue to decrease its role in this military operation in a matter of days and not weeks. it is not entirely clear who will take control of the no-fly zone enforcement. emily schmidt reporting. back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama is calling for a new partnership between the u.s. and latin america. the president and first lady will travel to el salvador this morning. last night in santiago, the president of chile hosted a dinner for them. president obama wants expanded business between the u.s. and latin america. >>> the former minnesota governor is the first prominent republican to launch a presidential exploratory committee. there was a video posted on facebook that talks about his midwest routes and the challenges facing the country. >>> now that winter is over, the district is launching a full- scale assault on models. -- on potholes. residents are encoura
pressure from congress, president obama says the u.s. will reduce its involvement to a support role in the next few days. >>> 5:07, 41 degrees. >> still ahead a brutal attack on a woman and five children. a husband and father is facing charges. >> lindsay lohan returns to court again. does she make a decision that will keep her out of jail? and anothe >>> good morning. thanks for waking up with us. time for a check of traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> steve rudin is standing by with the latest on the weather. >>> i wish i had a better forecast in terms of milder temperatures. the good news is we will see a little sunshine later this afternoon. temperatures are chilly at 39 in gaithersburg and all the rain from last night is well to the east. there is a system moving across front royal and winchester. we expect this to break apart over the next few hours or so. i cannot rule out a chance of a few wet snowflakes to the north and west of the dc metro. not expecting accumulation. a little patchy fog at 9:00 in the morning temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. maybe it region ar
suffered critical setback. >> and the latest on libya as the u.s. and nato make a plan to transfer control of the no-fly zone. >> are high tech change many college basketball fans are making this year. >> and an application curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: caller steve, go right ahead. steve: yeah, um, i just got a free rate quote on geico.com saved a ton, and it only took me 5 minutes and 12 seconds! steve: i was wondering, is that some sort of record? gecko: that's a good question. let's have a look. curtis: mmmm, not quite. someone's got you beat by 8 seconds. gecko: still, i mean, that's... that's quite fast! steve: well, what if i told lyu i only used one hand? anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> good morning. 5:14. following breaking news from ots d.c. an amber alert for two children has been cancelled. two-year-old robert anderson and 10-month-old tiara anderson were taken last night by their father. they were found safely around 4:00 this morning. their father, 22-year-old robert ander
the ground this week, lost control of key towns the, but they may have gained new secret help from the u.s. sources tell us president obama has signed a secret presidential finding that authorizes covert operation to help the rebels. this does not provide arms to them now but it's possible the president could make a decision to do so in the future. that would put a focus on who the rebels are. secretary clinton said earlier this week that we don't know as much as we would like to know about them, but that we soon will know. there are reports the cia already sent a small group of operatives to libya to help. rebels are turning their vehicles around in retreat. gaddafi's forces have nearly reversed the recent global gains. will be congressional hearings today on the u.s. involvement in libya. there was a closed-door briefing yesterday. lawmakers say the officials told them no decision has been made yet about arming the rebels. a police >>> a man who has lived in fairfax county last 20 years is now one of the men coordinating this anti-government uprising in libya. he was a top military leade
work, his first job in the u.s. after he and his wife moved from sri lanka six months ago. >> the man was leading in the face. it's a shame. >> his family cannot imagine why anyone would want to hurt him. >> find out weinberg this particular individual or what situation has happened so that it does not happen to anyone else. >> this comes days after an 81- year-old was found dead in his house. the man known to many as uncle nazir was murdered. police are looking into whether the two crimes are related. >> it is unusual to have a homicide in olney. >> residents are on edge. >> it does not happen here. >> police are still searching for a motive in both of these cases. meanwhile, they are looking at surveillance cameras from nearby businesses. they are also looking for an older model based toyota camry. that car was seen leaving the area after the shooting that occurred on monday. they are trying to determine whether or not the same weapon was used in both of these cases. reporting from montgomery county in olney, brianne carter, abc 7 newest. >>> 5:03, following developing news in the d
that the confessed to targeting u.s. military members and they believe that he acted alone. >>> president obama has called for an end to moammar gaddafi's rein in libya. a wave of arrests, killings, and this appearances have terrorized tripoli in the crackdown by the regime. >> his opponents are trying to organize new protests today. emily schmidt has the latest. a good morning. >> good morning. president obama says that there's a real danger of a stalemate in libya that could turn bloody. for the first time, he is officially saying how the u.s.. >> this must stop. moammar gaddafi has lost the legitimacy to lead and he must leave. >> president obama has approved the use of military aircraft and a civilian flights to help refugees. he left open the idea of a no- fly zone over libya. that's an idea of senators like john mccain and joe lieberman have advocated, although we have heard and defense secretary gates say it is not an easy idea to enforce because it's a big operation in a big country. moammar gaddafi has warned that thousands of libyans will die if the u.s. or nato intervenes. there are repo
. the un suspended libya from its human rights council and the u.s. senate approved a resolution demanding gaddafi step down. >> there's growing concern about its of the impact on the u.s. economy. emily schmidt has the latest. >> in libya, change and uncertainty camera a growing cost. in the years ahead, libya could become a peaceful democracy and or it could face a protracted civil war or it could descend into chaos. the stakes are high. >> the un estimates more than 1000 people and have died. libby opposing oil chief says production was cut in half. at one of the nation's largest oil facility and they are not taking sides in the conflict. u.s. consumers are feeling the pinch. gas is up 20 cents a gallon this week. >> it is killing us. we don't go anywhere but the work. >> week of the gasoline between $4.50 dollars a gallon by memorial day and maybe sooner. >> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says economic recovery is speeding up, but higher oil prices could be a threat. >> sustained increases in the price of oil or other commodities would represent a threat to economic growth and o
. as of yesterday afternoon, they have banned the drug. the u.s. naval academy has had a serious problem with the drug. eight midshipmen have been kicked out of the u.s. naval academy and several more are under investigation for doing what this poster demonstrates on youtube, smoking a blend of herbs laced with the active ingredient in marijuana. it is called spice. >> it's pretty fun. $20 for 4 grams. >> it was legal. then last fall been dea order the product out of stores and now they want to outlaw the drug considered dangerous. >> it is like playing russian roulette. >> until now it had been widely available online. several unnamed midshipmen were put out. it does not show up on blood tests and that's why it became popular. the academy's purpose is to produce leaders and we will not graduate any listed drug user, this type of character flaw is incompatible with leading the sailors of the 21st century, is unable response. >> they got kicked out. >> many around annapolis are not surprised. >> everybody makes mistakes. not only the naval academy. >> d.e.a. announced their emergency legi
the white house. >>> there is increasing pressure on the u.s. and other nations to stop libyan leader moammar gaddafi's forces to use airplanes to attack forces. nato is increasing surveillance flights over libya as it contemplates whether to use a no-fly zone. u.n. security council could also consider a resolution calling for such a move. this crisis is one reason for soaring gas prices. the prices are the highest for the month of march ever. emily schmidt and joins us with details. good morning. >> good morning. simply put, when you boil it down, the rising gas price means you get less for your money. here's a dramatic example. think of the price that you paid to fill up your vehicle last year at this time, if you spend as an amount this year, you will be almost a quarter of a tank short because of the rising prices. we have seen a new record broken almost every day. the nationwide average is $3.52 a gallon, which is the highest ever for march. one reason is libya. prices had jumped 39 cents in four weeks since the protests began. one analyst believes the market is reacting on rumor
. the administration is considering tapping into the 727 million barrel u.s. strategic oil reserve. emergency reserve. it is rare for a president to open up that option year the nationwide average right now is $3.51 a gallon. a new survey says that is up 33 cents in two weeks, the second biggest price increase on record. prices spiked along with the middle east uprisings. are no shortages so far. there are just worries that the protests could produce a larger oil-producing nations like saudi arabia. consumers are faced with getting last at the pump or paying more. but some analysts say that when oil gets above $4, the demand drops and prices go down. all across the country, people are beginning to deal with $4 a gallon in reality and i saw $3.98 a gallon driving to work today. emily schmidt, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> intense opposition is growing ahead of a series of controversial hearings on capitol hill. lawmakers this week will discuss whether muslim americans are being radicalized. republican peter king ordered thursday's hearing over the protests that built -- and hundreds of pr
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